Friday, April 11, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Match schedule

DLF Indian Premier League is going to launch its inaugural Twenty20 domestic league on April 18 this year. BCCI created and sanctioned by International Cricket Council Indian domestic league IPL has already caught the attention of all ages’ cricket fans. Eight teams named by eight big cities will play in this tournament. Cricket fans are eagerly waiting to see the inaugural IPL tournament and their favorite cricket players.

Most of you already know that only seven days are left to start the DLF Indian Premier League. Sony television has got the right to telecast these matches. However, IPL bosses have already announced the schedule of first session of IPL. Match will begin on 18th April and go on till 1st June. Fifty-five matches will be played on 44 days. Each team will play against every team. Only best four teams will be evaluated to play in semi-final. Then best two teams will play final at Mumbai.

Here in below I have given the match schedule of IPL:-

April 18: Bangalore v Kolkata at Bangalore

April 19: Mohali v Chennai at Mohali and Delhi v Jaipur at Delhi

April 20: Mumbai v Bangalore at Mumbai; Kolkata v Hyderabad at Kolkata

April 21: Jaipur v Mohali at Jaipur

April 22: Hyderabad v Delhi at Hyderabad

April 23: Chennai v Mumbai at Chennai

April 24: Hyderabad v Jaipur at Hyderabad

April 25: Mohali v Mumbai at Mohali

April 26: Bangalore v Jaipur at Bangalore; Chennai v Kolkata at Chennai

April 27: Mumbai v Hyderabad at Mumbai; Mohali v Delhi at Mohali

April 28: Bangalore v Chennai at Bangalore

April 29: Kolkata v Mumbai at Kolkata

April 30: Delhi v Bangalore at Delhi.

May 1: Hyderabad v Mohali at Hyderabad; Jaipur v Kolkata at Jaipur

May 2: Chennai v Delhi at Chennai.

May 3: Hyderabad at Bangalore at Hyderabad; Mohali v Kolkata at Mohali

May 4: Mumbai v Delhi at Mumbai; Jaipur v Chennai at Jaipur

May 5: Bangalore v Mohali at Bangalore

May 6: Chennai v Hyderabad at Chennai

May 7: Mumbai v Jaipur at Mumbai

May 8: Delhi v Chennai at Delhi; Kolkata v Bangalore at Kolkata

May 9: Jaipur v Hyderabad at Jaipur

May 10: Bangalore v Mumbai at Bangalore; Chennai v Mohali at Chennai

May 11: Hyderabad v Kolkata at Hyderabad; Jaipur v Delhi at Jaipur

May 12: Mohali v Bangalore at Mohali

May 13: Kolkata v Delhi at Kolkata

May 14: Mumbai v Chennai at Mumbai; Mohali v Jaipur at Mohali

May 15: Delhi v Hyderabad at Delhi

May 16: Mumbai v Kolkata at Mumbai

May 17: Delhi v Mohali at Delhi; Jaipur v Bangalore at Jaipur

May 18: Hyderabad v Mumbai at Hyderabad; Kolkata v Chenna at Kolkata

May 19: Bangalore v Delhi at Bangalore

May 20: Kolkata v Jaipur at Kolkata

May 21: Mumbai v Mohali at Mumbai; Chennai v Bangalore at Chennai

May 22: Delhi v Kolkata at Delhi

May 23: Mohali v Hyderabad at Mohali.

May 24: Delhi v Mumbai at Delhi; Chennai v Jaipur at Chennai

May 25: Bangalore v Hyderabad at Bangalore; Kolkata v Mohali at Kolkata

May 26: Jaipur v Mumbai at Jaipur

May 27: Hyderabad v Chennai at Hyderabad

May 28 and 29: Rest days

May 30: First semi-final at Mumbai

May 31: Second semi-final at Mumbai

June 1: Final at Mumbai

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