Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Indian Premier League (IPL): Cricket turns business

Indian Premier League (IPL) is knocking at the door. It launches its inaugural Twenty20 DLF Indian Premier League on April 18. It has already a household name without any single match taken place in the field. Ahead of the IPL I have found an interesting article named: IPL: A cricket league or a Bollywood enterprise? You may interested to know what the news contains. I am giving you in a short description. Australian captain Ricky Ponting, who is most familiar for his sledging, will play in IPL under Indian captain. It is obviously an interesting thing because where Australian cricket team totally against Indian cricket team there he wish to play for IPL. Naturally one question raise in cricket fans mind that how do you cheer the team in which Ricky is playing. Latest version of Twenty20 cricket game has turned into a big business. Many Bollywood stars have become part of this business after owning one the team. Bollywood hottest actress Preity Zinta is also another attractive franchise name in IPL. Both Shahrukh and Preity are working hard for advertising their team.

First time it is happening that a famous movie star is the main promoter of a team.

Will it attract and lure more cricket fans in other countries? IPL can bring any good things for international tournament?

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