Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is IPL good for Indian cricket?

India’s richest domestic league Indian Premier League (IPL) will launch its first tournament in April this year. Ahead of this tournament, many questions have raised against IPL. However, I have got an article where it shows why the IPL is good for Indian cricket.

Former Indian captain MAK Pataudi said that money will be used to improve cricketing infrastructure. Where most of the cricket experts show their reason how IPL affects international cricket there IPL think tanks are busy to prove their league is best. Super stars are being sold by huge money. On the other hand, there are a few chances for domestic players to play in this tournament. IPL paid money to individual cricketers in different figure. Because of IPL many talented but young domestic players have got chance to play besides star foreigner players.

Franchises have become the owner of these teams which is named after eight big cities of India. Franchises will try to hire best players and develop new talent to make profit. Franchises should try to open their own academic and nurture youth teams to earn more profit.

However, many of you will disagree with IPL and their work. But it is true that they are the richest cricket league and BCCI already earned huge money by it.

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