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Top Ten Female Tennis Players of 2007

The year 2007 has gone. However, the success and failure of last year are still in the record books. Now, ahead of the first Grand Slam tournament of 2008, I have made a list of top ten female tennis players of the year 2007. I have made the list based on the performance of the players throughout the year. I gave preference to the consistency of the players while making the list. However, it is true that not all of you will agree with me on this list, but I believe, the list will satisfy most of you.

Justine Henin

Justine Henin was the most successful female tennis player in 2007. With two grand slam titles, this Belgian won 8 WTA tiles last year. The no. 1 ranked player, however, started the year with the breaking up her marriage which led her to withdraw from Australian Open 2007. It was thought initially that Justine Henin would not be back so soon in the court with her prime form.

This is where Justine Henin is different. Despite all the setbacks of personal life, she did not take much time to prove her mental strength winning the French Open 2007 title. However, she could not reach the final of Wimbledon being defeated in the semi final. Later on, she finished the year winning the second U.S. Open title. She has become the first female tennis player in WTA tour history to win over $5 million in a year. With seven grand slam singles titles, Justine Henin is now in her way to rise in another height.

Serena Williams

You can say, the year 2007 was the revival of Williams sisters. Specially, younger sister Serena Williams showed some impressive performances last year. After spending most of the time out of the court with injury in 2006, Serena Williams made a strong comeback winning Australian Open 2007 title. However, the world no. 7 could not continue such dominance rest of the year, but reached the quarter final of three other grand slam tournaments of the year. Besides, she also won a WTA title in Miami. She also came back in the top ten of WTA ranking this year.

Well, you may argue that the performance of Serena Williams was not as impressive as her prime times in 2002 and 2003. Yes, winning a grand slam and a WTA title in a year does not revel much for someone who has nine grand slam singles titles to her credit, but considering a tough time that Serena was going though, you have to say that the year 2007 was a revival of her career because there were many who had seen the end of her career.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams also spent an impressive year in 2007 with one Grand Slam and two WTA titles. However, the six grand slam singles title holder was not exactly in her prime form of 2000- 2003, but like her sister, Venus Williams also recovered from a tough time in 2007. Many had already written off Venus Williams having any chance to come back before she started her impressive run in 2007. Though Venus Williams failed to impress with her performance in Australian Open 2007 and French Open 2007, she bounced back winning the Wimbledon 2007 title. Her performance in Wimbledon made her fans remember the dominance she had from 2000-2003 and she looked very strong in every match of the tournament. Though she could not go beyond semi final of U.S. Open 2007, the year was marked as an excellent one in her career.

Ana Ivanovic

This Serbian was one of the surprise performers of 2007. Making her first grand slam final appearance in the French Open, Ana Ivanović has marked the year 2007 as a breakthrough year in her career. She was very much consistent throughout the year. The world no. 4 in the WTA ranking won three WTA titles in 2007.

Ana Ivanović started the year ordinarily being defeated in the 3rd round of Australian Open. However, something better was waiting for the Serbian girl in the French Open as she reached at the final before losing to eventual champion Justine Henin. Later she went on to play the semi final of Wimbledon and 4th round of U.S. Open in 2007. So, the year 2007 has been the start of a future star of tennis.

Marion Bartoli

The 10th ranked Marion Bartoli is another player who experienced her first grand slam final in 2007 reaching at the final of Wimbledon. Moreover, this was the first time in 2007 she finished the year in top ten of WTA ranking. So, there is every reason to mark 2007 as a special year in her career. She started the year with experiencing a second round exit from the Australian Open. However, she improved her performance in the French Open as she reached the fourth round of the tournament. Then in the Wimbledon final, it was too hard for Marion Bartoli to outperform Venus Williams in the final. The French star finished the year with seeing another 4th round exit in the U.S. Open.

Anna Chakvetadze

The world no. 6, Anna Chakvetadze had an impressive year in 2007 with some career best performances. The 20 year old Russian reached the quarter final of Australian Open and French Open but could not progress beyond third round of Wimbledon. However, Anna Chakvetadze impressed her fans reaching the first ever grand slam semi final in her career in U.S. Open. With these Grand Slam successes, the Russian also won four WTA titles last year. So, if you think that she does not have the talent to win a Grand Slam title then you may get a surprise with the performance of Anna Chakvetadze this year.

Jelena Jankovic

Jelena Jankovic is another Serbian to have seen an impressive year in 2007 with four WTA titles and only second grand slam singles semi final appearance. You may argue that how she can become one of the top ten performers just reaching the semi final of a grand slam tournament. Yes, you are right in this regard. However, if you go though the performance of WTA tournaments apart from grand slam tournaments, then she had the best performance after Justine Henin.

Jelena Jankovic is now ranked no. 3 in the WTA ranking which is the outcome of her consistent performance throughout 2007. Her earliest exit from grand slam tournaments in 2007 was in Australian and Wimbledon Open where she reached 4th round. Now, it seems that if she can continue her impressive form then something better is waiting for the Serbian star.

Maria Sharapova

Well, to be honest, it was a frustrating year for this former world no. 1 being failed to win any grand slam tournament. However, the Russian star deserves a place in the top ten performers of 200 with few successes. With the time being, her performance was going down last year. Maria Sharapova started the year with losing in the Australian Open final to Serena Williams. Then, in the French Open she made it to the semi final. However, she could not even reach the quarter final of Wimbledon and U.S. Open. Besides the disappointing Grand Slam tournaments, she only managed to win a WTA title last year. She is now ranked fifth in the WTA ranking which shows her poor performance in the court.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Though this Russian could not win any more grand slam titles last year, she one very consistent with her performances. She played the final of U.S. Open and reached the quarter final of French and Wimbledon Open. She also won the only WTA title last year at New Havana. The 2004 U.S. Open winner finished the year at the career best second place. Svetlana Kuznetsova started the year with a poor performance in the Australian Open but got her form back soon. Now, let us see what is waiting for her in 2008.

Nicole Vaidisova

This Czech tennis star is now ranked 12 in the WTA ranking. However, her performance was not that much bad which her ranking shows. She reached the semi final of the Australian Open for the first time. Despite some injury problems, she went on to play the quarter final or French Open and Wimbledon last year. However, Nicole Vaidisova could not win any WTA title in 2007. I think, it was one of the reasons of her not getting in to the top ten of WTA ranking.

The list is based on my personal choices. So, you do not need to aggress with me in this regard and you may have your own choices. So, if you have your own choices then let us know though the comment section.

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