Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pittsburgh Steelers Yet to Forget the Wild Card Playoff Match against the Jaguars

NFL divisional round playoff matches set to kick off on Saturday. With eight teams remaining in the post season football, NFL is now in an exciting stage. However, the losing teams of wild card round will not be that much relaxed mode to enjoy the divisional round playoff match. If the losing team is Pittsburgh Steelers then it is obviously be the worst thing to watch the matches of divisional round.

Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Jacksonville Jaguars in a mouth watering match. The score line of 31-29 shows everything. Steelers came back in the match from 10-28 down with 19 unanswered points to take the lead of a point in the fading minutes of the match. However, Jaguars scored a field goal with less than a minute left in the match.

Times Online reported:

“Every time we turn on a TV and see a playoff game, we’ll be kicking ourselves,” tight end Heath Miller said Monday after he and his teammates began a series of season-in-review exit meetings with Steelers coaches. “During the week, you kind of put it away (the sting of Saturday’s loss). But when it comes time this weekend to see other teams playing, that’s when everything kind of comes back to you.”

So, nothing can be consolation for the Pittsburgh Steelers at this moment with the match still in their mind. However, their performance was satisfactory in the regular season. So, they have everything to inspire themselves for the next season. Now, let us see if they can forget the match soon and become more confident for the success of this year’s NFL season.

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