Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dallas Cowboys Host New York Giants in the Divisional Round Playoff

New York Giants will travel to Dallas Cowboys in their playoff divisional round match scheduled to be held on Sunday. This is the third time, the two same division teams will meet each other. Both New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys are in NFC East division. Giants finished second to Cowboys in the division and made it to the playoff wild card round with 10-6 record. In the both the regular season meetings, Dallas Cowboys won against New York Giants. Giants projected a 24-14 victory over Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the wild card playoff match and thus they are due to meet Dallas Cowboys once again.

Coach Tom Coughlin has recently talked about the two regular season defeats to the Dallas Cowboys and singled out Tony Romo indicating his impressive performance against his side in both matches of regular season.

Dallasnews reported:

"The ability to keep the quarterback from buying more time when throwing the ball downfield," Coughlin replied about the two losses. "Those were the things right off the bat that I recall. I will have more thoughts once I really jump into looking at the Cowboys offense and defense."

Romo threw for 592 yards and eight touchdowns against the Giants during the regular season. He completed seven passes of 22 or more yards in the opener.

New York adjusted in the rematch, but Romo still had three passes gain 20 or more yards.

New York Giants hailed Grey Ruegamer and Corey Webster for their superb performance in the wild card playoff match. However, he could not confirm it if Shaun O'Hara and Sam Madison will be fit enough to play the match against Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Let us see if New York Giants can come up with a different result.

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