Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chelsea vs Everton Carling Cup: Live Score and Live Updates

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Everton vs Chelsea Live Score and Live Updates

Second-half has just finished now. Chelsea win the match by 2-1 and make the place in final round. Now, it is the time to see who will face Chelsea in the final round.
95 Minutes:
Goal kick for Chelsea.
92 Minutes: Chelsea player Wright Phillips has scored his second goal in this match. He head the ball and push in to neat. It was another amazing goal.
90 Minutes: Injury time has been added as extra time.
89 Minutes: Everton player Yakubu who scored goal has replaced with Anichebe.
88 Minutes: Corner-kick against Everton.
87 Minutes: Throw in against Everton.
85 Minutes: Only five minutes are left to finish the second-half.
84:30 Minutes: Throw in for Everton.
82 Minutes: Chelsea player Pizzaro has replaced with Ferrira.
80 Minutes: Chelsea player missed the chance to increase their score using the benefit. Chelsea got two attack but Everton defender protest it.
79 Minutes: Corner-kick against Everton. Belletti took the corner kick.
77 Minutes: Free-kick against Chelsea. But Chelsea goalkeeper protest it showing his brilliant performance.
76 Minutes: Massive situation in the field both teams players fought each other. Referee stopped them and show yellow card to a Chelsea player.
75 Minutes: Chelsea players are trying hard to make another score.
72 Minutes: Chelsea player Belletti was in attack but Everton defender make him foul but no charge against him.
70 Minutes: Only twenty minutes are left to finish the match.
69 Minutes: Bad luck for Everton. They got chance and it seemed to be a goal but ball hit the post.
66:50 Minutes: throw in against Chelsea.
64 Minutes: At last Everton could make score. Yakubu make this goal from free-kick. both teams are now in equal.
63 Minutes: free-kick against Chelsea.
60 Minutes: Chelsea coach has replace J Cole with Sidwell.
59 Minutes: goal-kick for Chelsea.
58 Minutes: Pizarro missed an easy chance to make score.
57 Minutes: Throw in for Chelsea.
54 Minutes: Chelsea player Mikel got red card. He was amazed and sad. Now, Chelsea is playing with 10 players.
51 Minues: Chelsea striker J Cole make foul and got yellow card.
50 Minutes: Chelsea was in strong attack but they missed to use the chance.
48:40 Minutes: Everton player Phill Neiville got yellow car.
47 Minutes: two throw in for Chelsea within one minute.
46 Minutes: Chelsea got attack in their minute.
Second-half has just started now.
First-half has just finished. Now, second-half will start after 10 minutes. So, come back when match will start.
45 Minutes:
Last throw in against Chelsea in the first-half.
43 Minutes: Corner-kick against Chelsea. But again fruitful. Johnson head the ball but it went outside.
42:50 Minutes: Throw-in against Everton.
42 Minutes: only three minutes are left to finish the first-half.
41 Minutes: Chelsea is attacking again and again. They are trying to increase the score in the first-half.
38 Minutes: Chelsea was another strong attack against Everton but Everton defender save the ball. Now, throw-in against Chelsea.
37:32 Minutes: Throw-in against Everton.
36 Minutes: Everton was in attack and striker hit the ball following the bar but Chelsea goalkeeper caught the ball.
34:27 Minutes: Free-kick against Chelsea.
33 Minutes: Throw-in against Chelsea.
31Minutes: Everton player Tony Hibbert got yellow card. Now , corner-kick against Everton.
29 Minutes: Chelsea player couldn't appropriate use the free-kick.
28 Minutes: Chelsea striker J Cole played well. And he tried to make score alone but Everton defender make foul. So, free-kick against Everton.
26 Minutes: Just now Chelsea make a score. Malouda pass the ball to Phillips. He took a short from D-box and push the ball into net. It was amazing goal.
24 Minutes: Chelsea attack again and had a chance to make score. But side-referee called off-side.
23 Minutes: Chelsea is in attack but again failed. Chelsea need a strong attack.
21:50 Minutes: Corner-kick against Everton. Malouda take the corner-kick.
20 Minutes: Chelsea got two consecutive attack.
18:38 Minutes: Chelsea defender clear the ball. Now, throw in against Chelsea.
17 Minutes: Free-kick against Chelsea.
16 Minutes: Throw in against Chelsea.
15 Minutes: Corner-kick against Everton.
12 Minues: Chelsea striker took a long short but it was very wide.
11 Minutes: Throw in against Everton.
10 Minutes: both teams got some attack but it was fruitful.
7 Minutes; Throw in against Chelsea.
5 Minutes: Chelsea is in attack.
1 Minute: Chelsea attacked first.
Dear fans match has just started now.
vs Everton Carling Cup first semi-final match will be held today. This match will take place at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea vs Everton match will kick-off 19:45 GMT. No doubt it is very important match for both teams as take place in the final found is depending of the win in this match. Chelsea is a hard team and they have more possibility to get win. But game is always full of uncertainty. So, anything can happen. This match will be shown on Zee Sports. However, if you are unable to see the match on TV then stays with me. I will give live score after every three minutes.

So, come back when match will start.

Chelsea squad: Cech, Hilario, Belletti, A Cole, J Cole, Ben-Haim, Alex, Carvalho, Bridge, Ferreira, Sidwell, Sinclair, Sahar, Wright-Phillips, Pizarro, Obi, Ballack.

Everton squad: Howard, Hibbert, Neville, Stubbs, Lescott, Yobo, Valente, Baines, Gravesen, Cahill, Carsley, McFadden, Johnson, Yakubu, Vaughan, Anichebe, Jagielka, Pienaar, Wessels.

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