Sunday, January 6, 2008

Buffalo Bills Quarterback J.P Losman Unhappy with Losing Regular Place

J.P Losman, the quarterback of Buffalo Bills, is planning to leave his side as he lost his regular place from the starting line up to newcomer Trent Edwards in 2007 NFL regular season. Agent Gary Wichard has spoken out regarding the matter and revealed that Losman would leave the side if the situation continues in the next season. Buffalo Bills failed to progress to the last six of AFC this season.

STL Today reported:

Whether the Bills choose to keep Losman, Wichard said he didn't see any chance of Losman remaining with the team after next season.
"That ship has sailed, my friend," Wichard said. "Hopefully, they do something this year. And if not, we'll just walk away after next year."

Wichard said he spoke out now because he knew how unhappy his client is. He said he and Losman didn't want to air their views during the season so as not to cause a distraction to the team.

The performance of Buffalo Bills was not successful at all. They have won 7 matches against 9 defeats and thus got out of the play off. So, it is obvious that the side will go though some changes before they set out for the next season. It is yet to see how Buffalo Bills respond to J.P Losman’s decision.

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