Friday, December 28, 2007

West Ham United vs Manchester United: Carlos Tevez Facing Former Club

If you ask a fan of Manchester United that what he or she will do if Carlos Tevez can score in the upcoming West Ham United vs Manchester Untied match, you will get to hear a cheering voice that will make you realize the affection that fan has for the Argentine forward. However, the situation was totally different last season. In fact, Carlos Tevez led West Ham United to defeat Manchester Untied in both home and away matches.

Since his move to Manchester United last summer, Carlos Tevez has already built a lethal combination with Wayne Rooney in Manchester United. Now, ahead of the match on Saturday, he must be determined to score, but this time against West Ham United. Recently, Terry Venables, the former manager of England national team, has spoken highly of this Argentine forward. To him, Tevez is not a “luxury player” saying that he is skillful, hardworking, a player that any team will be happy with. He termed him a special talent.

Manchester Untied official website says that they have got their new Maradona indicating the arrival of Carlos Tevez at Manchester Untied. Carlos Tevez was rested in Manchester United’s thrashing 4-0 victory over Sunderland. It is almost certain that he will be in the starting line up of Manchester United in their upcoming clash with West Ham United. Now, let us see if Carlos Tevez can shine against West Ham United.

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