Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sunderland vs Manchester Untied: Nyron Nosworthy Likely to Come Back

Sunderland is likely to get their reliable defender Nyron Nosworthy available for their upcoming match against Manchester United. The Boxing Day match is now in the main focus of both the clubs. There is report that the defender has recovered from his hamstring injury.

Nyron Nosworthy has already played 71 matches for Sunderland since joining the side in 2005. He has become Sunderland’s Player of the Season for 2006-2007. He played a big part for Sunderland last season helping the side to progress to the English premier league. However, they are against being threatened of relegation as they could gather only 14 points from 18 matches. After Roy Keane took over as new manager of Sunderland earlier this season, Nyron Nosworthy started playing at the center half in stead of his previous position at the right back. It is believed that the move helped his game and he has become more impressive this season so far before his falling in hamstring injury.

I think, Nyron Nosworthy can play a big role in the revival of Sunderland this season helping out Sunderland in avoiding relegation. Now, let us see if Roy Keane brings on Nyron Nosworthy ahead of their match against Manchester United.

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