Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunderland vs Manchester United: Roy Keane Confronts His Former Club

If you ask Maradona regarding his days in Boca Juniors, he will definitely be nostalgic and will be hopeful regarding the future success of his club. Yes, there are many former players who always support their clubs where they played for many years. In the same way, Roy Keane has also commemorated his days in Manchester United and termed those days brilliant and fantastic. However this former Ireland international is now planning to defeat his former club Manchester Untied on this Wednesday.

Well, let me clear the matter. Roy Keane is the present manager of Sunderland football club. Sunderland is going to face Manchester Untied in a crucial EPL match on the Boxing Day. So, naturally he does not have enough time to become nostalgic remembering his playing days in Manchester United. Sunderland is now being threatened of relegation as the club secures 18th position in the league standing with only 14 points from 18 matches.

Roy Keane played about 12 and half years for Manchester United in his illustrious career. The skilled midfielder captained the club for many seasons and was part of many successes of Red Devils. However, he had to leave the club in 2005 amidst some misunderstandings with ManU bosses. So, it would have been natural for Roy Keane to have some regrets regarding his departure from the club. However, Keane does not have any regrets in this regard. Rather, he has spoken highly of Ryan Giggs with whom he played for many years in Manchester United.

Now, the situation is really very hard for both Manchester United and Sunderland ahead of the match. Manchester Untied is now without a point of league leader Arsenal, while Sunderland is struggling to survive in English premier league. Roy Keane played for many years under Sir Alex Ferguson in Manchester United. So, he knows about the secret plans and techniques of Alex Ferguson. Now, let us see if Roy Keane can lead Sunderland to outperform Manchester United on Wednesday.

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