Friday, December 14, 2007

Nikolai (Nikolay) Dimitrov in Arsenal FC?

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You know that Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is good in picking gifted young players. He has found a number of talented gifted young players who were obscure before playing in Arsenal. Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas are the two high profile examples. Now, Arsene Wenger is a bit interested about Nikolai Dimitrov. He is just 20 years old and he plays for Levski Sofia at this moment. Nikolai Dimitrov has been offered a trial in Arsenal.

Nikolai Dimitrov is not a famous player at all. In fact, when I searched about him in Google I did not find anything notable. He is not that famous and he even has not made in to the national team. In fact, Nikolai Dimitrov (Nikolay Dimitrov- according to Wikipedia) got chance for u-21 team not the main national team in his country. He is a striker and has scored just 8 goals from 32 matches. However, he is considered to be a highly gifted player in his home country. So, there is no wonder that Nikolai Dimitrov is excited about the offer.

“Arsenal are a great team, I admire the way they play but I did not even dream to be invited by them."- his reaction.

It is just an offer for a trial and you know that many players get this offer. Nevertheless, Arsene Wenger has an uncanny ability to pick gifted young players. If Nikolai (Nikolay) Dimitrov passes the Arsenal test then you can be sure that Arsene Wenger will make big star out of him. Arsenal needs a quality striker at this moment. No body has been able to fill the vacuum of Henry despite the fact that Arsenal is the leader at the point table at EPL at this moment.

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