Friday, December 21, 2007

India vs Victoria: 2nd Day Match Reprot

Today was the second day of the first warm-up match between India and Victoria. Like first day, second day was also washed out due to heavy rain. Before washout, India scored 133 for 4 in 48 overs. Today tourist India team started their batting delayed by nearly two hours following the heavy rain on the first afternoon. Match was thought to be start 11:00 a.m. local time and because of yesterday’s washout board member where thought to start the match before 30 minutes from start time. However, fans of both teams are worried to see an India vs Victoria warm-up match without any result. It seems that both teams have to face same problems as more rain is expected in Saturday.

Yesterday India scored 110 for 3 in 38 overs. Today they added more 23 runs losing one wicket. Victorian fast bowler, who got all the three wickets in first day, also claimed the wicket of Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly, who was set with Rahul Dravid, got out after scoring 59 runs. His luck did not hold for long time. That is why he had to return back to pavilion giving a catch to Aiden Blizzard. Dravid is still beating the Victorian bowlers. He has scored unbeaten 38. Now, Indian left-arm batsman Yuvraj Singh is now in crease. He has already scored 6 runs facing 16 balls.

India vs Victoria warm-up match is now in uncertain situation. It is not sure that both India and Victoria can start their 3rd and final day just in time or match will be closed because of washout. However, it is difficult to say what weather has made for next day. I know that India vs Victoria result less match will hurt both fans. Dear fans, there is no way for human being to rule the climate.

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