Friday, December 21, 2007

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Javier Balboa Made His Claim Strong

Real Madrid midfielder Javier Balboa has recently served with an injury time goal that saved Real Madrid from a humiliating defeat to Alicante in a Copa del Rey match on Wednesday. The 22 year old playmaker from Guinea has made an impact in the last match and now focusing on the upcoming match against Barcelona. The match is now the much focused in the Spanish media.

To tell the truth, whenever the two teams face each other, it becomes more than a match and players not only play for mere three points but also for prestige and pride associated with this match. So, it is a goal for a player to take part in a Barcelona vs Real Madrid clash. Now, midfielder Javier Balboa will also be happy to get into the starting line up of Real Madrid on Sunday against Barcelona.

Regarding his chance to get into the Real Madrid line up, Javier Balboa has said that he would give anything to play on Sunday against Barcelona. It would be superb was his comment on his chance to play against Barcelona. To him, the matches like this help one to mature as a player and improve on his tactical game.

Well, I think, midfielder Javier Balboa has proven his worth as an asset for the Real Madrid team. So, even if he is not included in the starting line up, there is lots of possibility to see him coming as a substitute. Anyway, everything depends on the decision of Coach Bernard Schuster and his plan over the match.

Do you think that Javier Balboa should be given a chance in the starting line up of Real Madrid in the El Clasico against Barcelona?

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