Saturday, December 29, 2007

Everton vs Arsenal: Live Score and Updates

Everton (1) vs Arsenal (4)

95 Minutes: The match has finished and Arsenal has won by 4-1.

93 Minutes: Arsenal scored again and now 4-1. It is really a joke- yes, a good joke. Everton dominated the match totally and Arsenal scored 4 goals

89 minutes: Corner for Everton.

87 Minutes: Fabregas and Flemini of Arsenal shown yellow card

84 Minutes: Everton has now one player red carded. So, it is ten players against Ten players. Everton number 6 Artea got the red card

82 Minutes: Freekick for Arsenal

78 Minutes: Dreadful night Everton. Arsenal has scored the third goal and leading by 3-1

73 Minutes: Bentalnt of Arsenal got red card and Arsenal is now down to 10 players.

68 Minutes: Everton is putting too much pressure for the equalizer and that is why they may suffer from Edwardo again

64 Minutes: Corner for Everton

59 Minutes: Arsenal scored again. Edwardo again scored and Arsenal is now leading 2-1. Everton is totally dominating the match but Edwardo has scored two goals

56 Minutes: bad luck for Everton. Ekubu head was just wide

54 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal

53 Minutes: Everton is playing better now.

50 Minutes: Corner for Everton

47 Minutes: Arsenal has leveled the match. Out of no where Edwardo scored the goal. Arsenal 1- Everton 1

46 Minutes: Second half has started and Everton is attacking

45 Minutes: First half finished

40 Minutes: Good attack from Everton and Everton players and fans demanded for a penalty

37 Minutes: good attack from Everton but bad shot from Neville in the end

34 Minutes: Corner for Arsenal

29 Minutes: Two corners for Eeerton in one minute

27 Minutes: Arsenal is trying to get a goal but Everton is playing very well at the moment

23 Minutes: Arsenal player shown yellow card

22 Minutes: Everton is attacking a lot.

19 Minutes: Everton scored a goal from a corner. Everton is leading by 1-0.

19 Minutes: Corner for Everton. Everton is playing better now.

16 Minutes: Good move from Everton but well defended by Arsenal.

13 Minutes: The match is now 0-0

Everton vs Arsenal match will be started within few minutes. Arsenal has already got the news that Manchester Untied lost to West Ham United tonight. So, winning over Everton will take them to the top of the league table. You will get live score and updates of this match in this entry. So, enjoy the text commentary of the match here.

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