Sunday, December 30, 2007

Everton Loses to Bad Luck not to Arsenal

Yes, this is the feeling I got after watching the match between Everton and Arsenal. Everton had everything right in the first half. They attacked time and again in the first half and even took a lead. Hardly anyone thought that Arsenal could bounce back in the match. In fact, Arsenal did not bounce back in the match in the second half. They got the touch of good luck.

Everton played superbly in the second half too. The first 3 goals of Arsenal came by chance. Their players did not do anything special to deserve them. Bad luck attacked Everton and out of nothing Arsenal got the 3 goals. The fourth goal of Arsenal was a quality finish and the London based club deserved it.

This victory has ensured that Arsenal will stay in the top of English Premier League at the end of 2007. Arsene Wenger should not celebrate today. Instead, he should think seriously about the January transfer Window. I feel that Arsenal needs a quality striker like Henry. One thing that is not helping Arsenal is the absence of Robin van Persie. Robin van Persie is expected to return to action soon. Then things may improve for Arsenal.

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