Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everton vs Arsenal: Beginning of the Fall for Arsenal?

Arsenal has many supporters around the world. When the season started in August, almost everyone wrote Arsenal of winning any trophy this season. Now, half way the season, Arsenal is in second position in English Premier League, in the final 16 of UEFA champions League and in semifinal of Carling Cup. No one could think that Arsenal would come so far in these 3 competitions. Arsenal has no star now but a number of young players. They have played magnificently this season and they had done some impossible things without any world class star.

Now, it seems that dream run has finished half way. Arsenal had a bad month in December 2007. Arsenal lost to Middlesbrough. Arsenal managed to defeat Tottenham Hotspur but with a lot of luck. Arsenal looked shaky most part of the match against Tottenham. Then, last night, Arsenal drew with Portsmouth. Losing a match and drawing match is not uncommon considering the fact the both of them were away matches. However, what is bad is that Arsenal players are playing very badly for two weeks. They look tired and they lack quality finish. It seems that the magic is gone from the young players. I am extremely disappointed with the strikers. They failed to perform well in the last 304 matches. Midfield players are not doing that bad. The only ray of hope for Arsenal fans is that the defense players are still up to the mark. Fabregas is playing well too but too much expectation from him may put him in to undue pressure.

Now, the next big challenge is the match against Everton. It is an away match too and Everton is in good form this season. Even last week, Everton put up a brave fight against Manchester United and lost 1-2. Everton is in the 6th position in EPL now. Everton is perhaps out of the title match but that does not mean that they would like to take the match lightly. First of all, it is a home match for Everton. Secondly, Everton may be out of the title race now but Everton officials can still fancy a place in Europe next season. So, Everton will not give away anything that easily. In fact, Everton stopped Arsenal’s undefeated run of 30 matches in 2002.

I think that more than everyone, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is worried at this moment. When things went right then everyone hailed Arsene Wenger as one of the top coaches in the world. Now, if Arsenal does badly then his reputation will be at stake. Well, I don’t see any fault with Arsene Wenger. He does not have any star player in his team and Arsenal does not have the money like Chelsea or Manchester United to buy big stars.

I don’t think that the magic of the young players has finished for Arsenal. The young players are tired. In fact, they have performed magnificently for half the season. Now, they need some rest and Arsenal coach and management should support them. They have immense potential. The only thing that Arsenal management should look forward is to buy some more players in January transfer windows. I really wish that Arsenal tries to get a quality striker. I really feel sad for Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry left Arsenal and joined Barcelona. However, he is a bit neglected in Barcelona. If he had decided to stay in Arsenal, he could have flourished even more with these young talented players.

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