Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How BCCI is Making Life Easier for ICL?

Now, it seems that India Cricket League (ICL) is going to bring out a revolution not only in Indian cricket but also in world cricket. BCCI is also upbeat with Indian Premier League (IPL), known as a counter competition of ICL. BCCI has recently signed five New Zealand internationals for IPL. The players are- Stephen Fleming, Daniel Vettori, Brendon McCullum, Jacob Oram and Scott Styris. No doubt, the names are enough to catch the attention of cricket fans.

New Zealand Cricket, the controlling body of cricket in New Zealand, has helped BCCI in the dealing. Actually, NZC offered BCCI to include these players for IPL. No doubt, the players must be happy now as they are going to be wealthy very soon. Now, the question comes here is that what will happen to the other players. It is not possible for BCCI to include all of cricketers of New Zealand team. This is where, I think, ICL has some grounds to win.

Having seen their team mates getting rich, the other New Zealand players will definitely wish to make some quick cash in. After all, who do not want to become rich? So, the deprived cricketers will naturally go for ICL. Here, I want to make you remember that cricket control boards of many cricket playing countries have shook their hand with BCCI to restrict Indian cricket league. Cricket control boards like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc. have banned the players who are involved with Indian cricket league.

NZC chief executive Justin Vaughan has recently talked about the signing of these five cricketers with IPL. Here, I am quoting some lines from his comment over the singing:

"The process of picking these players is the BCCI's business and we've put forward our best players for consideration and they choose who they want," Vaughan said.

"We can try [to lobby them]. We can say these are our prime assets and you should have a good look at them."

Here, my question is that if these five cricketers are the best, according to Mr. Vaughan, then who the worst are. As per law, a national team consists of the best cricketers of a particular country. Now, in response to Mr. Vaughan, I think, New Zealand team consists of only five best cricketers of New Zealand.

To be honest, the other cricketers of New Zealand team might be disheartened by the comment of a high official of the board. Actually, with the advent of ICL, cricket boards of many cricket playing nations have realized that cricket boards are for the players; not players are for the cricket boards. After the news of ICL came out in the media, BCCI has increased the salary of India’s Ranji Trophy players. New Zealand Cricket has also moved recently as they are now planning to increase the number of centrally contracted players to 25 and they will lobby the BCCI to include more New Zealand cricketers in IPL. Moreover, NZC is planning to increase the player retainers as well.

Actually, I think, signing these five New Zealand cricketers, BCCI has made the road easy for ICL to get some more international cricketers. It will be easier for ICL to sign some more international cricketers from New Zealand. So, New Zealand may lose some international cricketers in the coming days. I think, NZC should not have been involved in the competition between ICL and IPL. Rather they should been given more focus to their national team. New Zealand team has struggled enough in their last two series in South Africa and Australia. It would be better of NZC could give the independence to players to go for both ICL and IPL. ICL authority has made it clear that cricketers can play for their country as well besides playing in ICL. Now, NZC is unintentionally stimulating their players to betray.

I want to point to another report available in the media. The report says that ICL could not attract much people with its inaugural competition and television rating of Zee Sports was not so satisfactory. In fact, it was 0.5 percent. Yes, but do not forget that the amount of obstacles BCCI and its associating institution made for ICL, I think, it is a victory for ICL that they could organized the competition.

At last, I would like to say that Indian cricket league has showed much more professionalism with their ICL venture that even BCCI could not show being the regulatory body of Indian cricket. What BCCI can do now is to give much focus on Indian team and India’s domestic league so that people will have less interest to Indian cricket league. Moreover, I also appreciate ICL for show sheer professionalism which is part and parcel of modern cricket. If BCCI is really want the betterment of Indian cricket then they should give much focus on the players not on ICL.

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