Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ana Ivanovic in French Open 2009

Ana Ivanovic won the championship of French Open 2008. It was her most memorable win in her career but after that it seemed that she lost her way and she suffered from injuries and lost of form. Ana Ivanovic is now twenty-one years old and the problem is that she gives a lot of importance to her appearance than her tennis. I hope that she should learn her lesion now and focus on her playing in stead of her beauty and glamour. At this comment, Ana Ivanovic is suffering from fitness problem and it is not yet 100% clear that whether she can play in French Open 2009 or not. This time, French Open is taking place amidst economic worries everywhere.

So, if she misses this tournament then it will be a bad disaster because then she will loss her ranking in the top ten. That is why, Ana Ivanovic is now fighting her and she is thinking that she will do well in French Open. However, it is very difficult because she is not in good level of fitness at this moment.

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