Monday, December 1, 2008

Abdur Razzak of Bangladesh gets banned by ICC

It is very sad news for all the Bangladesh cricket fans. Abdur Razzak is a promising spin bowler and he has taken a lot of wickets in ODI. He is still young and only 26 year old. Many of us think that he can be the good bowler of tomorrow of our country. Now the bad news is that ICC has decided to ban him because of his suspect tin bowling action. I am not if this ban will be for ever or for independent time. I just think that he can change his bowling action with the help of some experts and come back to world cricket again as soon as possible.

This is bad news for Abdur Razzak too because he earns his profession by playing cricket and he will now perhaps suffer a lot. I hope that Bangladesh Cricket Board comes a support of this bowler and helps him every way possible to change his bowling action and come back to cricket again.

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