Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008: Who will win?

The second biggest football tournament Euro 2008 will finish with the final match between Germany and Spain on 29 June. Both teams will face each other at the Ernst Happel Stadion, Vienna. This match is scheduled to start at 1945 BST. The whole football world is now excited to see a stiff competition between these two strong European teams. Both the sides started their tournament as a hot favorite. So, it was not surprised to see them in the final match as a contestant against each other.

Now, there are many questions around the tournament but most of the fans especially gamblers are expected to know that who will win in the European Championship title. It will be astonished to hear that it is the 20 million dollar question. You already know that two contestants will compete for this prestigious title. Germany is the most successful team in European tournament. Now, they are going to make their sixth appearance in a Euro final and will look to win fourth title. No team has experienced more success at European tournament than Germany. On the other hand, Spain won the European title in 1964. Long time has been past Spain has been tagged underachieved team because of their continuous failure in major tournaments being counted as one of the tournament favorite. No doubt, highest time title achieved team is in ahead in the race. Gamblers would like to bet for them. You can come to the conclusion comparing their power and star players. Germany is balanced team while Spain has enough talent in the squad to protest them. Spanish forwarder David Villa, who made highest score in this tournament, got pull out for his injury. He has been replaced by Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas. A sound is heard by the football fans that Spain can win the second European championship title. Nothing is possible for them as this team is under Coach Luis Aragones. It is really to find out the possible team who can win the title but it is sure that football fans are going to see a classical game.

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