Friday, February 1, 2008

Australia vs India Twenty20: Indian Cricket Board Urges Players not to Involve in Verbal Conflict

Ahead of the Twenty20 match, BCCI, the regulatory body of Indian cricket, has called on Indian players to behave well. After the controversy of racial abuse that involved Harbhajan Singh, Indian cricket board does not want any further dispute to come by in the remaining days of the tour. That is why, BBCI has urged the players not to be involved in verbal conflict.

BBC reported:

"We have told the players not to get into altercations," said Indian cricket board secretary Niranjan Shah.

"I don't think this will have any repercussions for the future," he said.

"So many such incidents have happened in the past, there have been heated exchanges in the middle and teams have gone on from there."

Now, it is clear that all are expecting the matter to be ended there. However, Australian cricket board is not satisfied with the verdict made by Justice John Hansen over the Harbhajan’s appeal against his three-match ban given by match referee Mike Proctor. Australian cricket board expressed their dissatisfaction in public, which, I think, could spark the public anger. So, Australian cricket board should not have talked about the verdict in public. However, I hope, Australian fans will prove themselves once again that how much passionate they are for the game.

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