Sunday, January 6, 2008

Real Mallorca vs Barcelona: Live Score and Live Updates

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Real Mallorca (0) Barcelona (2)

The match finsihed with Barcelona win

92 MInutes: Second gola freom Barcelona.

88 MInutes: Lovely attack from Real. Time is running out for them.

83 MInutes: Real Mallorca is desperately trying for a goal.

80 Minutes: Freekick for Real.

77 Minutes: Corner for Real but easily collected by Barcelona goalkeeper.

74 MInutes: Lovely run from Henry and he almost scored but Real goalkeeper saved the ball somehow for a corner.

72 MInutes: Henry threatened. He even scored but was delcared off side.

67 Minutes: Good attack from Barcelona. Real is trying to equalize. IN the second half Barcelona is playing much better.

64 MInutes: Thierry Henry is in the field for Barcelona.

63 Minutes: Out of no where Barcelona scored a goal and took lead 1-0

62 Minutes: real danger for barcelona and some scary moments for Barcelona defense. In one minute, Real almsot scored twice but in the end nothing hapened.

60 Minutes: Freekick for Real.

57 MInutes: Again good attack for Barcelona but nothing happened in the end. Xiavani shot was clocked by Real defense

55 Minutes: ANother decent run from Barcelona but bad passing in the end.

52 Minutes: Decent attack from Barcelona but Xiavani could not do anything.

50 MInutes: Freekick for Real.

49 Minutes: CHange of player for Real Mallorca

46 Minutes: First attack from Barcelona but not good.

45 MInutes: First half finsihed. COme back after few minutes for seocnd half.

41 Minutes: Just 4 minutes left and there is still no goal in the match.

38 MInutes: Good opportunities for Barcelona but Xavui missed.

37 MInutes: The match is not exciting at all. No team is attacking well.

35 Minutes: Freekick for Barcelona.

33 Minutes: The match is stil goalless.

We will give live score and live updates for match- Real Mallorca vs Barcelona. So, come back when the match starts.

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