Friday, January 18, 2008

Meher Baba died after a prolonged battle against cancer

Meher Baba was not well-known player in Indian domestic cricket and I know many of you never heard this name before. Meher Baba was the former Andhra and South Zone all rounder. But before describing details about him I am mentioning him why he has become news report in all Indian and some other national newspaper. This news can make you cry when you heard that Meher Baba is not present. When you heard that this 58 year old former player fought with cancer for long time then this news should not hurt you deeply.

D.V. Meher Baba, who was widely rated as one of the hardest-hitter in domestic cricket, played 16 years in the first class cricket spanning from 1972 to 1987 mainly with Andhra.

He played 63 Ranji matches scoring 2649 runs, with a highest of 134 not out against Goa, and 173 wickets including five five-wicket haul.

Meher Baba led Andhra in two Ranji Trophy matches in the 1982-83 seasons and represented South Zone in Duleep Trophy. He also played against West Indies team in a three-day match that held in Hyderabad during the team’s tour during 1978-79.

However, he is dead by psychically but no doubt, he will be alive to all of his fans, friends and relatives.

He is the man who proved that human can alive with his work not psychically or not by name.

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sai said...

I(Sai Srinivas), Meherbaba's Son in law..

We all really missed a lovely person in our lifes..