Thursday, January 10, 2008

Indianapolis Colts vs San Diego Chargers: Defense will Have a Bigger Impact

It is true that in American Football, offence players are sometimes get more media attention, while defense players do their job silently for the team. Yes, the same thing goes for Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers. Both the teams have some stars in the offence and thus the players in the defense are always left in the back foot in terems of getting highlight. Now, let me explain it with evidence.

Colts conceded 16.4 points and 279.7 total yards on an average match, while Chargers were no less with allowing only 17.1 points per game. Chargers did not concede more than 17 points in any of their last seven matches. Actually, both sides have a strong defense which led them to come at this level.

Sbrforum reported:

Yes, the Colts offense is obviously a tougher assignment, but the Chargers have actually done fairly well against Manning & Co. because of their fine pass rush. The last time San Diego played in this stadium, they ended the Colts’ dreams of a perfect season by handing them their first loss after a 13-0 start in 2005. Some of the players may now be different, but the philosophy remains the same in that the best way to stop Manning is to apply constant pressure on him, and this Charger team is well-equipped to do that.

So, ahead of the divisional round playoff match between Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers, the defense of both teams will have a big part to play for their sides. Defense players can make the task easy for the offense players. Now, let us see which defense is going to show more resistance in the match.

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