Thursday, January 31, 2008

Australia vs India Twenty20: Cricket Australia and Victoria Police Urges Crowed to Behave Well

Australia vs India Twenty20 match is now less than 24 hours away. With the match approaching, the fans of both sides are getting excited to see another mouth watering clash following a hard-clashed test series, which Australia won and thus confirmed the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy.

Not only cricket was in the lime light during the test series but also there were some controversies, which needed ICC’s intervention to resolve the disputes. From bad umpiring calls to Harbhajan Singh’s three match ban for alleged racist remark to Andrew Symonds made the headlines of newspapers and became the much talked issue in world cricket. However, the good part is that, everything has been resolved after Harbhajan Singh being cleared of the racism issue after Justice John Hansen found lack of proof to bring a charge against Harbhajan.

Well, this is now expected that there would not have any more controversy in the matches to come. Though Cricket Australia has expressed their disappointment over the verdict and BCCI is quiet happy with Harbhajan Singh’s getting rid of the racial abuse accusation, it will not expectedly lead to any further problem in the Twenty20 and CB series.

Ahead of the Twenty20 match, Cricket Australia and Victoria Police have recently called on the crowed to behave well during the match. As Australian players are not happy with the verdict of Hansen over the Harbhajan issue, there is rumor that Australian fans will show text messages during the twenty20 match. That is why Criket Australia and local police are trying to make people calm down over the issue. Now, let us see if Australian fans go by the urge of Cricket Australian and Victoria police.

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