Thursday, January 3, 2008

Australia vs India 2nd Test: Bad Umpiring against India team

Australia vs India 2nd Test has already started at SCG. Australian captain Ricky Ponting is heading towards the 16th consecutive Test win. They need only one Test win to equal their own world record. And they want to get the win at Sydney Cricket Ground. Australia vs India has turned into an exciting condition because of many reasons. It is thought that India’s opposition is not only Australian cricket team but also umpire too. And that proved when two Australian batsmen got three lives. In the past, you may saw that one life can change the match result there three lives against India do what.

It is sure that this match will be memorable to Indian players for ever and if India defeat then bad umpiring will be the main reason.

Australian 32 year old right-hand all rounder Andrew Symonds confessed that he had nicked Ishant Sharma to Mahendra Singh Dhoni while batting on 30.

Indian cricketers agonised over the decision, Steve Bucknor remained unmoved.

Symonds had another reprieve on a stumping chance before making a 173 record partnership with Brad Hogg to bail his side out. Third umpire decided to give him benefit out doubt. However, replays clearly showed Symonds foot was in the air.

Australian captain Ricky Ponting was also given a second life when he nicked one from Sourav Ganguly to wicketkeeper.

According to Andrew Symonds, “I was out when I was 30,". Getting two lives, he didn’t miss to take his second Test hundred. He is still unbeaten on 137.

No doubt, this match will be remembered to all cricket fans for the shocking Umpiring decision from both the ground Umpire and third Umpire that never happened ever. But it is thought to others that how umpire like Steve Bucknor did such these mistakes.
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Anonymous said...

That is nothing, look what has happened after that!!! Numerous Indian Bastmen have been given BS dismissals and the Aussie batsmen have been given nearly 8 chances!!!!!!!!!!!!!