Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Wants Artur Boruc: Tottenham and Arsenal

Tottenham and Arsenal are bitter rivals as they are based in the same city- London. In fact, Arsenal and Tottenham is one of the most classic rivalries in the history of English football. So, it is interesting that these two clubs are interested about the same goal keeper: Artur Boruc. Artur Boruc is the goal keeper of Poland National football team. In the club level, he plays for Scottish club Celtic. Celtic is now the top team in Scotland and it is also performing well in Europe. Artur Boruc is in good form both for his country and his club.

Arsenal’s current top goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is having a rough time in the club. He is not too happy with the way things are going at this moment. A few days ago, we heard that Jens Lehmann could leave Arsenal soon. Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger is not pleased with Jens Lehmann these days either. He will not be too unhappy to see Lehmann leave Arsenal. Things seem to have changed somewhat as Arsene Wenger has decided to include Jens Lehman in the UEFA Champions League match against Steaua Bucharest. Nevertheless, Jens Lehmann is not young anymore. He is 38 years old and his best time is perhaps over.

Arsenal has another quality goalkeeper Manuel Almunia. Manuel Almunia is performing well for Arsenal these days. However, he is yet to become the top choice. You have to also remember that Manuel Almunia has not got any international experience yet as he could not play for his country Spain. Still, you have to admit that Manuel Almunia is a quality goalkeeper and he will be an asset for Arsenal for quite sometime. So, if Lehmann leaves soon and Artur Boruc comes to Arsenal then the club will again have two quality goalkeepers.

For Tottenham Hotspur, the problem of goalkeeper is more acute than Arsenal. Currently, Paul Robinson is their number one goalkeeper. However, Paul Robinson is not in good form these days. He is also the first choice for English national football team too. Tottenham officials are a bit worried about the form of Paul Robinson. They would love to have another goalkeeper in the level of Artur Boruc.

Artur Boruc has played an important role for the success of Celtic this season in UEFA Champions League. So, Celtic officials will not want to see Artur Boruc leave the club. However, Artur Boruc is not too much eager to stay in the club. He wants a bigger place and I think that English Premier League can be the right place for him. He also thinks this way. Celtic officials may demand too much money for any club who get interested and Artur Boruc is unhappy with this matter.

"Celtic want more than £10m for me but I think it is too much. There is much to look forward to with the Champions League in spring and then the European Championship in the summer, but many things can change and I have to see what is best for me."- this was his reaction.

So, I can see that things are going to become hot regarding Artur Boruc and Celtic in the coming months. Celtic should not keep Artur Boruc against his will. I think that Artur Boruc should join Arsenal as Arsenal is the team that he can make his dream come true.

By the way, Arsenal is playing against Chelsea this Sunday in English Premier League.

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