Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Arsène Wenger Not Interested for New Signing in Upcoming Transfer Window

You already know that Arsenal is now without any big star. After the departure of Thierry Henry, Arsenal does not have any big star at this moment. However, they have been going on smoothly in English premier league being at the top of league table. So, it seems that Arsenal has not suffered for Thierry Henry so far.

Now, ahead of the winter transfer window, Arsenal Coach Arsène Wenger has decided not to include any new player despite Kolo Touré and Alex Song are set to leave the club to participate in the upcoming African Nations Cup.

"Kolo Touré goes off to the African Nations Cup shortly and we may lose Alex Song for it as well.

"Even with Johan Djourou returning from Birmingham we would then be left with three specialist centre-backs.

"If I signed another one, we'd have too many after the African Nations.

"Sometimes you just have to suffer during the tournament and let your players play."- Wenger said while talking about his decision.

This is where Arsène Wenger is different from other club managers. While other club managers are trying to get more money from the club chairmen, Wenger do not even bother to buy any new player though there is enough money reserved for new signing. It is true that he has his ground behind his decision as Arsenal has been playing consistently well this season. Now, let us see if Wenger can lead his side to another championship title.

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