Sunday, December 16, 2007

Arsenal vs Chelsea: Arsene Wenger Calls for a Football Match not a War

Just few hours remaining before Arsenal take on Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium. A lot have been written on this match in the media and people are expecting an interesting match between this two high profile teams. Arsenal vs Chelsea is one of the most attractive clash in English premier league. The fans as well as the players are excited over the match. It is natural that there will have excitement among the fans when two top championship contenders face each other. In fact, a war like situation has been created ahead of Sunday’s two big matches of EPL.

However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has recently called on everybody not to consider the match as a war. Indicating the frequent crowd clashes in Italy, Wenger has said that too much aggression destroys the taste of the match.

'I hope there is no epidemic of crowd abuse because it will completely destroy football,'

'I have taken a lot of abuse myself - but somewhere I came to the conclusion that it is part of my job to take that abuse.

'Once that gets out of control the sport is dead. That's what happening in Italy. It gets worse and worse.

'But on Sunday, the game has to be something that you have to be happy to go to.

'Once you get scared to take your children because its too aggressive and too much abuse you lose the taste for it.'- Arsene Wenger responded.

Arsene Wenger is one of the most popular coaches of English premier league at this moment. Arsenal is leading the point table without having any big star in the squad under the direction of Arsene Wenger. Arsenal vs Chelsea match is obviously a big match and fans like to consider such high profile match as war. Now, let us see of Arsenal fans remain calm ahead of the match against Chelsea.

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